AngelList has selected the W Fund to be part of their Rolling Venture Fund program, which empowers emerging fund managers to scale faster and focus on immediately invest in startups.

More Flexibility for LPs

The W Fund provides Limited Partners more flexibility in how they deploy capital in an asset class like venture.

The Rolling Venture Fund allows investors to allocate capital on a per-quarter basis, with exposure to all the deals we do within the quarters LPs subscribed to.

As an LP in the W Fund, you can easily commit more or less capital in future quarters – it’s an investment process that allows you flexibility, especially when you may be looking at risk differently these days.

Realized ROI

The data proves that investing in women and diverse founders who are creating the future of tech is an untapped market that does realize venture returns.

Invest today:

If you believe, as we do, that there’s an incredible opportunity in investing in a new class of diverse founders who are creating the future of tech, we’d love to talk with you about becoming an LP.